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FREE Wine Tasting Coupons | Sonoma on a Budget | Local Wally's Guide to Sonoma

Local Wally's FREE Wine Tasting Coupons and Deals, get 2 for 1's, exclusive offers, free stop by stop agenda for Sonoma, Healdsburg, Russian River area.


Roach Winery Sonoma Plaza

Where to Get Every FREE Sonoma Wine Tasting Coupon or Deal? Right Here!

Planning a trip to Sonoma usually means searching for free wine deals and coupons. That's why ten years ago I collected every free wine tasting offer and put them on my site with no catches, no tricks, just lots of free wine. It's what put Local Wally on the map and spawned a number of imitators but Sonoma Tourist Guide is still your best and most complete resource for wine tasting deals.

That's because unlike the other guys I never collect and resell your contact info. I don't make you tweet or post to social media. I just get you as much free wine as easy as possible!

Plus I offer something no one else does - FREE advice and a free stop by stop winery planner based on the types of wines you like. I also have exclusive deals that no one else has. Cave tastings, VIP tours, wine maker hosting, let Local Wally show you how to experience the very best of Sonoma... on a budget!

How To Use This Guide to Get the Most FREE Wine in Sonoma

The easiest way to get FREE wine is with the Priority Wine Pass. There are a number of competing offers from "passports" to phone apps but the Priority Wine Pass is the only one I recommend. With the wine pass you simply show your phone or card to get two for one tastings. No tricks, no gimmicks, just lots of free wine offers. Look, wine tasting can be very expensive, $40 to $50 per couple at each stop isn't uncommon. But buy the Priority Wine Pass ($39.99 for my readers) and get two for one tastings, saving you half at every stop. Good for a year, good in both Napa and Sonoma, it's the way to go!

Go to to order yours at my special rate. Local Wally approved!

Central Sonoma Wine Tasting Deals

Wine Tasting Deals From South Sonoma to the Downtown Plaza

Canihan Winery

One of the best wine tasting experiences you might ever have, Bill Canihan hosts you in his barn at this small, family run winery. Two for One, all fees waived with bottle purchase. Reservations Required.


Exclusive Offer, 2 for 1 with Wine Pass

Ceja Vineyards

Ceja Vineyards is an ultra premium Latino family owned winery – first generation Mexican-American winegrowers in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Friendly, fun, and two for one.


Get a Priority Wine Pass For Deal

Cline Cellars

Taste inside their 1850's farmhouse, two for one. Great Zin's, friendly staff, there's even a free museum on the California Missions on site. Wines are easy to sip and moderately priced. 2 for 1.


Get a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Deal

Jacuzzi Family

Yup, the same family that made the whirlpool spa famous now makes exceptionally delicious wines. Beautiful stone building, large tasting room, olive oil pressing next door, two for one tastings which they often comp.


Don't Pay Full Price - Get a Wine Pass!

Larson Family

Located on the family ranch that was once the site of the Sonoma Rodeo, Larson also features a woman winemaker in a male dominated industry. Taste in the barn, enjoy a picnic, great spot for wine and relaxing. Two for One.


Don't Pay Full Price - Get a Wine Pass!

Schug Winery

Located in the Carneros District, expect great Pinots and Chardonnays from Schug Carneros Estate Winery. 2 for 1 tastings, free self guided tour of the vineyards, great views and picnic area, and exceptional wines.


Don't Pay Full Price - Get a Wine Pass!

Winery Sixteen 600

Winery Sixteen 600 produces small lots of single-vineyard wines sourced only from vineyards they farm. Taste in their cozy house, appointment only, 2 for 1.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass


Don't stress out! If picking and choosing wineries seems too hard then leave it to me, Local Wally, to help you pick the best wineries to visit in Sonoma.


Email Wally for Free Advice

Need a Driver?

Jamie, the owner of the Priority Wine Pass, has offered to drive my readers to Napa and Sonoma's best wineries, all two for one stops, of course! Reasonable fee.


Email Jamie for More Info


B Wise Tasting Room

Wine Lovers, B Wise Tasting Room is not to be missed! Some of the best wines you might taste in your entire life are here, big reds served up by a friendly staff. Don't pass this one by, 2 for 1.


Get a Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tasting

Chateau St Jean

Absoultely beautiful grounds, Chateau St Jean feels like an old California rancho of the rich and famous. If you want to visit a big name winery then Chateau St Jean is your stop. 2 for 1, ask for voucher.


Get a Wine Pass for free Voucher

Deerfield Ranch

If you wanted to taste inside wine caves but put off by the often high fees then head to Deerfield Ranch where everyone tastes deep inside their caves. Beautiful winery, two for one, of course.


Get a Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Cave Tasting

Kivelstadt Cellars

Kivelstadt Cellars breaks a lot of wine making rules by design, including offering wine in growlers to go. Ask for the Local Wally Exclusive Harvest Special to get 2 for 1 tastings and half off a growler fill!


Exclusive Offer with Priority Wine Pass

Landmark Vineyards

One of the most relaxing settings in Sonoma, grab a glass and taste outside under the oak trees in a comfy lounger, play some boccee ball, take a selfie by their pond, 2 for 1 tasting.


Get This Deal With a Priority Wine Pass

Manzanita Creek

Located in the Kenwood Center Village, get a FREE two for one tasting by clicking the image above. Second location in Healdsburg appointment and also 2 for 1 with Wine Pass.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1

Mayo Family Winery

A small family run winery specializing in single vineyard wines. Fun and friendly, dog friendly too, with a nice picnic area perfect for relaxing with your 2 for 1 tasting flight.


Get This Deal With a Priority Wine Pass

Muscardini Winery

The front patio is the spot for picnics and tastings on a nice day, Muscardini Winery is housed in an old 1960's schoolhouse. Great wines, friendly staff, and a loveable winery dog named Beni. 2 for 1.


Get 2 for 1 with the Priority Wine Pass

Spann Vineyards

Don't let the shopping mall location stop you from visiting Spann Vineyards where the owner or winemaker are nearly always on hand to pour and talk wine. Special discounts and cheese pairing.


Special Discount with Priority Wine Pass

St. Francis Winery

St Francis Winery is serious about wine and food pairing. Get a two for one tasting with your Priority Wine Pass but don't forget to add a charcuterie plate to enjoy on the patio with your wine.


Get 2 for 1 with the Priority Wine Pass

Ty Caton Vineyards

Located in the same Kenwood Plaza as Spann Vineyards, stop in and do both, both two for one with the wine pass. Ty Caton makes big, bold wines that are sure to knock your socks off.


2 for 1 Tasting with Wine Pass

Wine Pass

You don't need no stinkin' coupons! And phone apps? Get the Priority Wine Pass instead for the easiest way to get 2 for 1 tastings! Easier than a phone app, more deals than you have time to taste!


Order Priority Wine Pass

Santa Rosa Wine Tasting Deals


Balletto Winery

(Santa Rosa) A farmer since the age of 17, John Balletto started with vegetables but has never looked back since his transition to wine grapes in 1999. Nice grounds, picnic area, 2 for 1 tastings.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1

Greedy Wines

(Sebastopol) A couple of wine loving guys combine their names to form "G Reedy" wines. Low key, show them your wine pass for FREE tastings and meet the wine makers.


Free Tastings with Wine Pass

Ektimo Winery

(Sebastopol) There's something quaint and charming about Ektimo Winery, a small and intimate tasting room. Lisa the winemaker has serious credentials, taste for yourself, 2 for 1.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1

Russian River Wines

(Forestville) A destination winery, Russian River Vineyards not only makes award winning wines but has a restaurant and even their own farm. Located in Forestville, two for one tastings.


Get a Wine Pass for 2 for 1's

Trecini Winery

(Santa Rosa) Love wine but wish the alcohol levels were lower? Come visit Trecini where they believe lower alcohol allows the grapes to speak for themselves. Don't be skeptical, try it!


Lower Alcohol Wines, 2 for 1

Wine Guerilla

(Forestville) Zins, zins, and more zins,it's all they do at Wine Guerilla, sourced from 10 different vineyards. Now get two tastings for FREE with your Wine Pass. What's not to love?


Free Tastings for 2 with Wine Pass

Healdsburg Winery Deals two for one's


Blanchard Family

Blanchard Family is 2 brothers seemingly different as adults find a bond in winemaking, seeking to produce low volumes of high quality wines. Appt Only but 2 for 1 with Wine Pass.


Exceptional Wines 2 for 1 with Wine Pass


Well isn't this place fancy?! Small tasting rooms are fine but for the times you want to live like a Kardashian you need to taste at Ferrari-Carano. Free 2 for 1 coupon, just ask!


Buy a Priority Wine Pass

Hart's Desire Wines

(Geyserville) Small lot, single vineyard, Hart's Desire Winery produces 16 different wines, none over 500 cases. Come by and taste them all. Why not, it's two for one with the Wine Pass.


2 for 1 with Priority Wine Pass

HKG Estate Vineyards

The historic Hop Kiln structure, once the site for drying hops grown on the property, is now the winery tasting room and marketplace. Lovely stop, especially with 2 for 1 tastings.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Deal

Hudson St.

Six different wineries in one tasting room, you can spend an entire afternoon here if you're not careful. FREE tastings with Priority Wine Pass makes this stop all the beter.


Get Wine Pass for FREE tastings

Merriam Vineyards

Beautiful tasting room a bit like a New England farmhouse, stop by Merriam Vineyards if you're looking for a pretty winery with great French inspired wines. Two for one with Wine Pass.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Deal

Portalupi Vineyards

A block away from the Healdsburg Plaza, make the short walk to Portalupi Winery's tasting room, a cozy and intimate experience where Jane Portalupi or husband Tim will most likely be serving.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass to Get 2 for 1

Quivira Vineyards

Located in the Dry Creek Valley with sweeping views of the vineyards and lovely shaded areas, a relaxing stop away from the crowds. Two for One tasting with Priority Wine Pass.


2 for 1 With Priority Wine Pass

Rodney Strong

Lots to see and do at Rodney Strong Vineyards, from free tours to wine and food pairings. FREE tastings of their Sonoma County Wines, no coupon or purchase necessary.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass

Rued Winery

Located just seconds northwest of the historic Dry Creek Store, visit Rued Winery and enjoy a tasting at the bar or a picnic on the patio with spectacular views of Dry Creek Valley.


10% Off Wine Purchases with Wine Pass

Saphire Hill

Sample small production wines paired with unusual bites such as caramel popcorn with their Russian River Chardonnay. Wine tasting at Saphire Hill just $10 per person and get more discounts with Wine Pass.


15% Off Wine Purchases with Wine Pass


(Windsor) A beautiful destination winery, do a little tasting, play a little croquet, relax on their patio. Oh, did I mention it's FREE tastings with your Priority Wine Pass? Oh yeah!


Free Tasting with Priority Wine Pass

Spragia Winery

(Geyserville) Lovely winery, taste at their bar or go outside on the terrace where you can bring your own picnic lunch. Located 10 miles drive north of Healdsburg up Dry Creek Road.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1

VML Vineyards

A bit off the road from downtown Healdsburg, VML Vineyards has some of the loveliest gardens at any winery you might visit. Worth the short drive, get 2 for 1 tastings with Wine Pass.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1

White Oak Winery

Just 5 minutes away from main Healdsburg, White Oak Winery is in the heart of Alexander Valley. Stop by Jimtown Store for lunch supplies and enjoy a picnic on their grounds.


Buy a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1