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Sonoma is just like Napa... 30 years ago! While Napa Valley has blossomed into the wine and food mecca of the world, nearby Sonoma has stayed humble to its roots. Open roads, fewer tourists, cheaper tastings, it's no wonder that Sonoma has quietly become the secret getaway for wine lovers.

But unlike Napa, Sonoma is spread out. That's why you need Local Wally's Sonoma Tourist Guide for the insider's guide to the Best of Sonoma. I'll show you the best wineries, from tiny family run wineries to the big names like Kunde or Coppola. I'll also make sure you don't end up in a rat trap hotel or waste your appetite dining in a chain restaurant. There's no guessing, no fluff, if it's good, it's here. If it's not, it's not!

Easier than cheating off the smart kid in class!

Picnics in Sonoma Valley

Unlike the big corporate websites that have to keep their advertisers happy, I'm just a regular guy who loves wine... and loves vacations. But finding the good stuff on Sonoma in regular tour books is hard work, and finding unbiased recommendations even harder.

That's why I always talk with the locals wherever I go. They know the best things to do, the best places to eat, and the stuff to avoid. Just ask a Sonoma local what wineries to visit - they know.

And now you will too, thanks to Local Wally. Over the years I've collected a lot of Sonoma tips and recommendations from the locals and now it's time to pass them on to you. It's like having your own Sonoma Insider with you all the time!

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Where are we going?

We'll spend our time in the Carneros and Sonoma Valley areas. It's close enough to Napa Valley to make a day trip possible and the large concentration of wineries means you'll be doing more drinking than driving. Here's a preview of what's inside:

BEST HOTELS: I only recommend hotels that I would actually stay at, from big Sonoma resorts to cheap and clean.

BEST WINERIES: From the big names to the hidden gems, the best Sonoma wineries. No tourist traps! No endless lists!

FREE TASTINGS: A complete list of Sonoma's complimentary tastings and free two-for-one coupons. That's right, free!

BEST DINING: From picnics to 5 Star, stick with me and every meal in Sonoma will be your best ever.

FREE PHONE APP: Download the free phone app for up to the minute deals when you're in town!

TRIPADVISOR: Direct links to what other Sonoma visitors have said, plus the best rates on hotels and travel packages!


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Random Pics

barrels at Buena VistaPosing at Ty Caton
Riding horses at RocheValley of the Moon winery

Wally News

WINTER 2013: As the harvest winds down and the vines rest, don't make the mistake of thinking that it's not a good time to visit Sonoma. Fewer crowds, more one on one attention, it's actually one of the best times for winetasting.

Napa Valley Home and Garden

Big News! We launched Napa Valley Home and Garden, an online store that brings Napa and Sonoma farmhouse living to your house. No junk, my interior decorator wife spent tons of time finding cool stuff. Check it out!

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